Why Skipping AC Maintenance Will Cost You in the Long Run

As the owner of a home or commercial building, you’ve probably heard this advice often: to improve air conditioner efficiency and performance, have your system serviced once or twice a year. With all the other time and money commitments you face, in general, it can be difficult to know how high a priority to place on this advice.

If you’ve never noticed a problem with the air conditioner in your Hanahan, South Carolina, home or business, it may feel like overkill to pay for regular maintenance. We at Berkeley Heating & Cooling can’t stress enough, however, that we constantly see real benefits and savings to customers who take a proactive approach to maintaining their air conditioning systems. The extra money that has to be set aside for repairing and replacing poorly-performing air conditioners now becomes available for other life priorities such as saving for retirement, college or vacations. AC maintenance provides clear benefits for comfort and savings.

How the Costs Add Up

Inadequate maintenance is known to be a primary cause of air conditioner malfunction. The costs add up in other ways, too, which can be summarized as follows:

  • Difficulty achieving comfortable temperatures.
  • Reduced humidity control.
  • Major repairs as a result of neglect cost more over time than annual maintenance and cleaning.
  • Air conditioner efficiency is compromised leading to higher monthly energy costs.
  • Finding emergency service during a heat wave might be difficult and can cause you to spend more to have your problem resolved quickly.

You want to be sure that your AC can stand up to the cooling demands that come with the heat and humidity. An air conditioner that is not well-maintained is likely to fail when you need it most. A maintenance plan will make sure you stay cool and comfortable through the hot months.

Additional Benefits

Well-maintained systems will last years longer than neglected systems. Clean, well-running systems enhance air quality, lower humidity, and contribute to the health and productivity of occupants.

Establishing this relationship with your HVAC contractor also means proper record keeping and more efficient service. Optimal air conditioner performance, efficiency, and longevity are easier to achieve when you take care of your system. To learn more about Berkeley Heating & Cooling’s maintenance program, call us today at 843-277-6030.

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