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Why Is Water Coming From My Heat Pump in Hanahan, SC?

July 16, 2023

Heat pumps transfer heat from one place to another using a refrigerant. If the refrigerant leaks, you’ll see water dripping from the HVAC system. Here are some things that could cause water to come from your heat pump in Hanahan, SC:

Clogged Drain Line

Drain pans and drain lines can clog with dirt, algae and other debris. When this happens, water leaks out of the heat pump instead of draining away. The best way to fix this is to have an HVAC service technician clear the drain line and any clogged parts during routine maintenance visits.

Dirty Air Filter

A dirty air filter restricts airflow and can cause the heat pump to produce too much condensation. This excess moisture then builds up and causes water to leak from the system. Make sure to check the air filter frequently and replace it every one to three months to avoid water leaks.

Frozen Coils

Things like a leaking refrigerant line and clogged air filters can cause the coils to freeze and build up ice. As the ice melts, it can cause water to come from the heat pump. Preventive maintenance can help keep this from happening, so make sure to schedule regular visits for your system.

Cracked Drain Pan

Drain pan collects and directs condensation away from the system. A cracked or broken drain pan will cause water to leak out of the unit. Freezing temperatures or a manufacturing defect usually cause damage to the drain pan.

If you notice water leaking from your heat pump, call on an expert to identify the cause and take care of it. Contact Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning for AC repairs in Hanahan, SC. Our friendly service echnicians can find the root cause of water coming from your heat pump and provide a long-lasting solution.

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