Improve Your Family's Health With a UV Air Purifier

4 Benefits of a UV Air Purifier

August 27, 2018

Are you dealing with poor indoor air quality in your Hanahan, South Carolina, home? If so, a UV air purifier could be just what you need to reduce the number of microorganisms that are floating around in the air you breathe on a daily basis. Consider the following benefits of a UV air purifier if you’d like to improve your home’s indoor air quality:

Improved Health

It’s no secret that poor indoor air quality leads to a number of health problems. It’s commonly linked to conditions like allergies and asthma, both of which affect breathing and overall well-being.

However, one of the biggest risks in your home is the threat of microorganisms that lurk unseen in the air you breathe. These microorganisms can cause disease and sickness, allowing germs to spread from person to person in times of illness. Every time a sick person coughs or sneezes, your HVAC system picks these particles up and recirculates them in the treated air. As a result, it increases the chances of others in the home getting sick.

Fortunately, a UV air purifier can help you avoid these issues by eliminating all the contaminants in the air. These systems work great against common bacteria and viruses, such as those that cause tuberculosis, measles, the flu and even the common cold. By reducing your exposure to these germs, you’ll have a much better chance of staying healthy.

Fewer Bad Smells

Smells are a product of small molecules in the air. While these particles dissipate after time, they may linger for a while, causing unpleasant odors that set your nose on fire. Even if you clean regularly, you may not be able to remove these noxious odors, as they’re in the air itself.

A UV air purifier will help eliminate smells for good by neutralizing all odor-causing particles in the air. Whether it’s the lingering smell of burned food from the night before or a persistent cigarette odor, UV lights will help reduce these smells and leave the air smelling fresh and clean. The process works by oxidizing harmful compounds into less harmful molecules.

Less Maintenance

With other air purification systems, you have to schedule regular maintenance. Air filters require changing at least twice a year; otherwise, harmful particles will continue to make their way into the air you breathe. Many homeowners forget this crucial step, nullifying the point of the entire system. This reduced efficiency also puts more strain on the entire HVAC system, as it’ll have to work harder to push air through the clogged filter.

Fortunately, UV air purifiers have no filters to worry about. The entire system runs on light alone, meaning there’s nothing to clean or replace. The only maintenance you’ll have to perform is to eventually replace the light bulb after a few years. But this is a small task that’ll only take a few minutes. Unless there’s a bigger issue at play, you should never see reduced efficiency if you skip maintenance for a few months.

Reduced Cleaning Time

In homes with any kind of purification system, dirt and debris just keep circulating through the air, eventually settling on your furniture and appliances. This creates a dusty and dank appearance that makes your home look disheveled. That’s where a UV filtration system comes in to save the day.

With fewer particles and microorganisms flying through the air, this type of system will drastically reduce the need for cleaning. Rather than giving your entire home a wipe down every couple of days, you’ll find you can stretch the time between cleanings even further. Things will look fresher for longer, giving you a break from the nearly incessant chore of keeping the house spotless.

Installing a UV air purifier in your home is well worth the initial cost. You’ll improve your safety and quality of life. When you’re ready to boost your indoor air quality, call Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning at (843) 277-6030.

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