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Should I Upgrade My HVAC System With a Smart Thermostat?

June 25, 2019

Your HVAC system is the heart of your Hanahan, South Carolina, home. But unfortunately, an old thermostat can keep your HVAC system from reaching its full potential. Thermostats have evolved to aid you in running your system more efficiently. They also take the guesswork and human error out of programming. With all the recent hype around smart thermostats, you may ask yourself if it’s time for you to consider an upgrade. Read on to learn the advantages you can enjoy from a smart thermostat that definitely make it a worthwhile investment.

Energy Bill Savings

One of the most advantageous benefits of installing a smart thermostat is the amount of energy that you can save. Using less energy will help you do your part to protect the environment. It’s also lower your monthly energy bills. Smart thermostats can help users cut heating and air conditioning costs by enabling them to adjust their programs and providing them with energy-saving tips.

Long-Term Learning Capabilities

While programmable thermostats enable you to customize your energy use during the weekdays, evenings and weekends, smart thermostats go a step further. They have the capability of learning your habits and your ideal comfort level.

When combined with sensors, a smart thermostat can also detect motion in certain rooms and determine which times of the day you’ll be more active. As a result, it’ll know when to generate more heat or air conditioning in your home. After gathering all this data, your thermostat will be able to adjust the settings on its own. It’ll maximize your energy savings while still maintaining comfort.

Remote Control

Smart thermostats come with their own branded apps that enable you to control your energy use from the palm of your hand. The apps will let you use your smart device to check and adjust your thermostat. Staying at work later than expected? You can change your program to minimize use until the time you plan to return. Forgot to change your thermostat settings before going on your trip? All you have to do is log in and reset it.

Energy Use Tracking

Through its learning capabilities, your smart thermostat will compile a list of your energy use. It’ll provide you with detailed reports on when your energy use is at its highest. It also can let you know how your energy use has changed over time and the effect it might have on your utility bills. These reports will give you the insight you need to adjust your settings. As a result, you’ll maximize every energy dollar you spend.

Better Visibility and Access to Controls

Smart thermostats are designed to be extremely user-friendly, easy to navigate and clearly visible even from a distance. The interface is simple, large and back-lit. That enables you to see it from a glance, and the programming is simple and easy to do.

Works With Other Smart Devices

A smart thermostat is an essential tool to make your home smarter. The interfaces of smart thermostats are continuing to evolve. They can link and exchange information with a number of smart devices you may already have or plan to use in your home. They can communicate with smart air purifiers and humidifiers so that you can control your entire HVAC environment from one place.

Voice Control Capability

Another feature of many new smart thermostats is their ability to connect with voice assistants. When connected, you can make adjustments to your temperature through simple voice commands. The smart thermostat will make the change immediately.

Reminder Features

You can choose from smart thermostat models that also have other useful reminders to help you with simple maintenance tasks, such as notifying you when your filter is dirty and needs replacing. Some can also monitor your energy consumption and notify you when consumption seems significantly higher or lower. As a result, they help you to remember to care for your HVAC system.

Are you thinking of making the switch to a smart thermostat? Contact us at (843) 277-6030 today. Berkley Heating and Air Conditioning will help you choose the best model to suit your lifestyle.

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