How to Avoid Emergency HVAC Repairs This Winter

For many homeowners in Charleston, South Carolina, the HVAC system is generally forgotten as long as everything runs smoothly. The last thing you want is to hear banging, rattling and complete silence. Avoid emergency HVAC repairs by preemptively giving your system the maintenance and treatment it needs.

Conduct Preventative Maintenance

The single best way to avoid emergency HVAC repairs is to maintain your system before any issues reach code-red emergency levels. The problems that often end up killing your system usually begin as relatively minor issues, such as a worn belt or a loose component. These issues often have little indication that you would catch, so you need a professional eye.

Preventative maintenance checkups allow your local HVAC service technician to check your system for minor and major problems. As a result, they can complete any necessary repairs. Conducting such maintenance regularly will prevent those terrifying emergencies.

Watch Thermostat Settings

Don’t put too much pressure on your system, and you won’t have to deal with the pressure of replacing it. If you keep the temperature inside your home as close as possible to the temperature outdoors, your system won’t work as hard to maintain comfort. Keeping your home close to 68 degrees will lighten your heater’s load.

Cultivate Helpful Habits

Your HVAC service technician can’t do it all. You need to establish efficient habits to keep your HVAC system running as it should. This involves changing air filters when necessary, cleaning around the system and watching how hard you push the system.

Any amount of strain the heater goes through will increase the chance of permanent damage. The more you can do to reduce strain on your system, the more you will improve the chances of a long system lifespan.

While you shouldn’t ever completely neglect your HVAC system, it shouldn’t be a source of stress in your home, so don’t let it be. To start a routine of preventative maintenance, call Berkeley Heating and Air Conditioning at 843-277-6030.

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