Get Your Ceiling Fans Spinning the Right Direction for Cooling

Predating Willis Carrier’s modern air conditioning system by decades, electrically-driven ceiling fans have been around well over 100 years, and they’re still spinning strong in many Mount Pleasant homes. Use this guide to ensure your ceiling fan direction is spinning for better cooling comfort and energy savings this summer.

Ceiling Fans and Energy Savings

Ceiling fans may be thought of more for interior and exterior design accents by some. However, ceiling fans were actually the first electric comfort appliance invented. The only practical changes made over the decades is better efficiency.

Ceiling fans make you feel cool via the wind chill effect. As air is blown across the skin, moisture from the body evaporates. This is how our bodies cool down. In fact, using a ceiling fan the right way can make you feel up to four degrees cooler. That’s quite a substantial comfort swing that offers nice energy savings. For each degree you increase the thermostat setting for a 24-hour period, you may reduce cooling costs by up to 3 percent.

Ceiling Fan Direction

Ceiling fan direction should blow air toward the floor for the proper wind chill effect. If your fan is pulling air up to the ceiling in winter setting, turn the fan off and wait for the blades to completely stop spinning before you flip the toggle switch. Remember that ceiling fans only move air; they don’t condition or cool air. Only use ceiling fans in occupied rooms.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling fans can be heavy, so make sure your new fan is installed correctly. It should be anchored to a ceiling joist. Mounting brackets in between joists may also be used if that’s the location you prefer. Be sure to select Energy Star-qualified ceiling fans when purchasing. You’ll enjoy quieter and more efficient operation.

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