HVAC zoning system

Save With an HVAC Zoning System

December 16, 2016

HVAC zoning systems can control the temperature of each room or zone in your Charleston, South Carolina, home with a separate thermostat. That way, you won’t have to heat empty spaces, and you can adjust for temperature fluctuations. You can add zoning by installing separate units in different rooms or areas. This option is great for a new room addition or problem areas in your home. Some zoning systems can even use motion detectors to heat only occupied areas. HVAC zoning can help you save energy, stay comfortable, and increase your indoor air quality.

More Savings

With a programmable thermostat, you can control all the zones in your home from one device or even from your smartphone, tablet, or computer. You can also save energy, lower your utility bills, and extend your heating and air conditioning system’s life by reducing wear and tear. Zoning will help you save even more energy if your home has high ceilings, more than one story, or lots of large windows.


Zoning allows all your family members to select ideal temperatures for their bedrooms, along with other areas they occupy. It can help to avoid arguments over the thermostat setting, and it can prevent warm spots and drafty areas. Many zoning systems even have remote controls for added convenience.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Conventional central HVAC systems circulate air and indoor pollutants like dirt, dust, pollen and pet dander. On the other hand, zoned systems are ductless and reduce the spread of contaminants. This makes the air inside your home healthier and makes cleaning easier. It also prevents inconvenient and expensive breakdowns.

Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning is a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer with more than 55 years of heating and air conditioning experience. We are the experts you call when you need to install, maintain and repair the best zoning system for your home. You can also rely on us for a variety of other HVAC equipment. Call us anytime at (843) 277-6030 for outstanding and reliable service.

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