3 Steps to Tackle Before Upgrading the Heating System in Your Hanahan Home

If the heating system in your Hanahan home is slated to be replaced, there are several things that should be done before upgrading. These steps will ensure that the new system you invest in operates correctly and efficiently.

Getting an Energy Audit

Many homes, especially older ones, have hidden problems such as air leaks, missing or damaged insulation and thermal bridging that will make even the most efficient heating system perform poorly. An energy audit uses a series of tests such as a blower door test and infrared thermography to determine where your home’s outer envelope can be improved to prevent heat loss and increase your home’s energy efficiency. Making the changes suggested before upgrading a heating system will help to correctly size a new system.

Choosing a Contractor

Select a contractor who is both licensed and insured, as well as NATE certified, to make sure that you receive the best possible installation. Get recommendations from family or friends, if necessary, and ask the contractor to provide references. Ask for a written estimate before choosing a contractor and, before allowing the job to start, make sure you’ve received a detailed contract explaining all of the installation steps and what’s covered.

To maintain warranty coverage, make sure you’re familiar with the manufacturer’s warranty requirements for the system that’s installed.

Sizing the System

Make sure that the contractor properly sizes the system using the Manual J procedures, which account for the size of the house, construction details, occupancy and other factors to choose the correct system for your home. Systems that are sized using rough estimates tend to be inefficient, increasing the utility bills, and they also tend to fail prematurely. In extreme circumstances, incorrect sizing can even cause safety issues, such as carbon monoxide production or mold growth.

For more information before upgrading a heating system, talk to the HVAC experts at Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning. We’re proud to serve homeowners in and around North Charleston, Hanahan and Mount Pleasant.

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