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Mount Pleasant, SC

History of Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant’s earliest inhabitants were the Sewee Indians. British Settlers arrived in 1680, led by Captain Florentia O’Sullivan. The continuing growth of the young community faced threats by Spanish and French invaders, but persevered. In 1860, the first state resolution for secession occurred in connection with a local meeting. Secret training for a Confederate submarine took place in Mount Pleasant during these years.

Mount Pleasant Geography

The town of Mount Pleasant is separated from Charleston, the state capital, by the Cooper River. The building of a bridge between Charleston and Mount Pleasant in 1928 allowed for more efficient travel in the area. An additional bridge opened in 1966. The two bridges were replaced with an eight-lane bridge in 2005. Mount Pleasant is positioned on the Atlantic coast, enabling residents and visitors to enjoy the many beaches but also exposing the community to significant storm issues, such as hurricanes.

Demographic Information for Mount Pleasant

The population of the community was recorded at 67,866 during the 2010 U.S. Census. 24.1 percent of the residents are children, and 12.2 percent are adults over the age of 65. The town’s residents are characterized by a significant commitment to education, demonstrated by the fact that 97.1 percent of adults over the age of 25 possess high school diplomas while 59.7 percent of this group also hold bachelor’s degrees or higher. The median household income for Mount Pleasant residents is $76,228, and the median home value is $350,100.

Education in the Mount Pleasant Area

Families considering moving to Mount Pleasant will be served in their public education needs by Mount Pleasant Community Schools, a district operating seven campuses in the area. Additionally, 36 private schools are available to provide unique solutions based on specialized interests and needs. Parents with young children also have 40 preschools for early childhood learning and child care.

Nearby Charleston features post-secondary options covering a variety of continuing education and degree programs. These include Charleston Southern University, a private institution, and College of Charleston, a large, public college. Additionally, The Citadel, a prestigious military college, is located in Charleston. Mount Pleasant serves as an excellent spot for college students to live as they attend any of these schools.

Mount Pleasant Attractions

Those visiting or relocating to Mount Pleasant will find the area beautiful, enjoying outdoor features such as beaches and parks. Memorial Waterfront Park is considered the crown jewel of the town, offering areas for picnics and walking. The Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Pavilion provides an area highlighting the basket-making tradition of the low country. The Old Village Historic District allows locals and visitors to gain insight into the origins of the community. Mount Pleasant Towne Centre offers a wide variety of shopping, dining and entertainment options.

Mount Pleasant Climate

Visitors to the area should be prepared for hot, humid weather conditions during the summer. Winters tend to be mild, with occasional snowfall. Annual precipitation averages 50.99 inches with the greatest rainfall taking place during the summer months. The area can be susceptible to hurricanes during summer and fall months.

Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning in Mount Pleasant, SC

Those considering settling on a part-time or permanent basis in Mount Pleasant will find that reliable air conditioning service during the summer months is a high priority. Preventive maintenance is an important measure to consider in minimizing the risk of emergency air conditioning repair needs during this time. This work also improves the dehumidification performance of an air conditioning unit, an important part of maintaining optimum comfort levels in area homes during the humid summers.

Berkeley Heating & Air Conditioning is proud to serve the town of Mount Pleasant through expert home comfort services and solutions. We offer a full range of heating and air conditioning services to ensure that our customers are prepared for seasonal extremes. We are available on a 24-hour basis for emergency heating and air conditioning repairs, working quickly to restore the operation of a malfunctioning unit. Our team also offers the latest equipment and information related to better energy performance, quieter system operation, and environmental concerns, such as indoor air quality.

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